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Carolynn Blinkinsop
Owner - Broker

Carolynn Blinkinsop has an extensive and eclectic background that makes her a well-rounded and very capable broker/realtor. A Bachelors in Nursing, a Master’s in Business, 24 years as an active duty Air Force wife living in foreign lands, and a three year posting as a diplomat to the American Embassy in London, have given Carolynn a wealth of knowledge, shaped her ability to adapt, and most importantly, has instilled an ability to communicate and relate to people from all walks of life.

Besides real estate, Carolynn’s most important achievement is her family, nurturing and taking care of her husband, 3 children, and host of dogs. Carolynn’s second love is Italy and all things Italian. When not working real estate, you will find Carolynn studying Italian and planning her next get away.

Carolynn’s determination, dedication, and professionalism shine through every task she takes on. Carolynn dedicates every bit of her energy and expertise to every transaction and she is always available to her clients. Every real estate endeavor is unique and poses its own challenges. If you need and want a real estate broker who is always willing to think “outside the box”, call Carolynn; she will get the job done. Carolynn not only cares sincerely about every transaction but also for the wellbeing of her clients not only during the transaction, but for the many happy years beyond. When you work with Carolynn, you make a friend for life.

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Ralph Mazzarella
Owner - Broker
Mazz Real Estate LLC is a family partnership established in 1969 as a residential sales agency in Vernon, Connecticut. 

In 1972, Ralph and a fellow REALTOR
® formed the partnership ‘G & R Realty of Vernon’. Circa 1980, that partnership was dissolved and Ralph has conducted business continuously since then as Mazz Real Estate LLC. In 2013, Carolynn Blinkinsop, Ralph’s daughter, returned from England with her husband Sonny Blinkinsop from a three year tour of duty as United State Air Force attaché to the British government. Previously to that assignment, Carolynn had practiced real estate in the suburbs of Washington as a top producer for a national franchise. Carolynn joined Ralph in the business upon return from overseas and is now a full partner.

Ralph Mazzarella has not only practiced residential real estate. As well as having become expert at all aspects of real estate, during his career, Ralph has been quite active in land development from its very early phases of location identification and land assessment right on through to the finish pavement of residential neighborhood streets. Ralph has also participated in the building of 100 new homes as general contractor and as managing partner. If you are in the market for a new home or land for a new home, Ralph will gladly share has expertise with you; it is an expertise that can prove invaluable to any new home buyer for understanding the intricacies of the new home process.

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